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We are impatient optimists working to reduce inequality

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New Approach and Smart
Learning for Children with Intellectual Disabilities

Any student with intelleactual disabilities can benefit from this program.
Enhance their memorization and thinking skills.

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Empowering Persons with Disabilities through ICT & AT

The strategic vision of Techgilli Foundation is to connect people with disabilities to ICT to make life easier, smarter and better.

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Moving from Avocacy to Action

From Information Disability to Knowledge Disability

ICT = Equality + Inclusion + Empowerment

Social & Economic Integration

Smart Technology means Smart Solutions for Persons with Disabilities.

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Our Approach

To advocate on behalf of, to promote and to protect the interests and well-being of Person with disabililty



Traveling for the disabled is difficult even when there’s no pandemic to contend with. This group is chronically underserved and forced to make do with limited options for accessible transportation 



The program is  tailor made to  meet the needs of  children with  mild/moderate disabilities.The program is  designed in  accordance to the content.



A person with limited hand function will use a keyboard with large keys or a special mouse to operate a computer, people who are blind will use software that reads text on the screen


purpose of  program  implementation of  proven teaching  methods in the  following areas:  Listening,  Identifying,  Naming,  Matching,  Auditory  Processing,  Memory  Enhancement,  Reading,  Vocabulary.



Very often in developing countries, PwDs have been excluded from social and market  economies and have been marginalized

TechGilli Foundation

Sharing knowledge and experiences

Promote e-inclusion, e-learning of the PwDs and maximize the use of IT skills.

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