Our Approach

TechGilli Foundation would like to contribute to the improvement of the current situation of the disabled community in The Gambia. The project will focus on promoting awareness of the existing benefits, offer support and influence government policy.

Our outreach team will visit household in KMC to assess the community services. We will identify the disabled children and determine what their initial needs are. Then we will decide what best provision will be and who will provide those provisions.  

Tech Gilli’s vision is to provide special formal and IT education to the disabled community that will enable them to be employable and self-reliant.

Target Group: The target group for the disabled community will be Gambians in the age of 9 – 35 with a mental and/or physical disability in The Gambia.

Strategy:  In order to have an effective program, Tech Gilli Foundation would like to bring different disciplines under one roof. The primary focus will be on special education with additional support, such as physiotherapy and vocational training. All the disciplines will be working together for the same goal. Each child will have a specific treatment plan with individual goals that the whole team will work towards. We believe the best way to achieve our goal will be through education. Challenging the disabled youths to develop themselves and by giving them a chance to come out of their isolation and mean something to their environment.

Our outreach team will visit the families and educate them on their rights. We will conduct workshop program for the parents and caretakers. Through this we will be able to take away the feeling of guilt that they feel and empower the attending parents to stick up for their child and find ways to create a better future. On top of that, this will also give opportunity to the parents with enthusiasm to invite topics like causes of disabilities, children’s rights and how to share worries.